Ensuring optimal nutrition for your furry friend is crucial for their health and happiness. Look for high-quality pet foods formulated specifically for your pet’s species, age, size, and health needs. 


Expect a day packed with paw-some activities, meet fellow pet enthusiasts, discover new products and services, and indulge in treats for both you and your furry companions.

Fun Finds

From toys that will keep tails wagging to stylish accessories that will make your pet the envy of the neighborhood, we have something for every pampered pooch and fancy feline. 

Enhancing how pets and their people interact in everyday ways.

The Dogwood Group is a family of brands focused on enhancing how pets and their people interact in everyday ways. The company’s overall mission is to make it easy for pet parents to bring fun, variety, and enrichment to everyday necessities such as nutrition, hydration, and play. The founder, Jenny, has lived a life full of pets – a majority of whom have lived well into their senior years and developed senior health issues as a result. She has a passion for understanding how to increase pet’s quality of life through nutrition and enrichment activities no matter their life stage.


Dogwood Purrcantile Outposts

The Dogwood Purrcantile Outposts are retail venues located in co-retailing boutique settings. Offerings include treats, hydration, and a rotating selection of toys and pet home goods. We also stock fun items that celebrate pet parenthood and make pet ownership a more stylish endeavor. We are proud to offer seasonal goodies, as well as core brands for pets. Check out the Dogwood Purrcantile page under our brands for more info on current in store offerings.

Dogwood Purrcantile

The Dogwood Purrcantile is an online and stand-alone physical presence that will bring a more comprehensive menu of products and services for pets & their parents. Everyone, from prospective pet owners looking for advice and information about navigating all the options available in finding the right pet to seasoned pet owners looking to add to their existing routines, will find something that will enhance their relationship with their pets.

Got Pets?

Got Pets? is a Pop Up concept that lets us take our show on the road. You can find us at farmers markets, holiday fairs, festivals, and the like. We bring a selection of toys, snacks, and sips for pets and a rotating selection of items for pet parents.

Our pop ups are manned by Pawtree Petpros who are ready to discuss your specific nutrition concerns and walk you through a pet profile that will help guide you to wellness and nutrition best tailored to your goals.

About Jenny

Jenny puts emphasis on supporting small businesses and the local community. She focuses on finding supplier partners that give back to their own communities. Her own community involvement activities include working with rescues to increase visibility of pets in need of fosters or families, and coordinating with local city animal services to provide enrichment resources.

Fun Finds

Amazon is a great resource to find pet products at prices that small store fronts struggle to match.  The products you will find here complement the Dogwood Purrcantile Outpost offerings and are things I use in my own home.

Beating the Texas summer heat can be a challenge for dog owners whose pets enjoy being outside. I use a misting fan on my patio that is battery powered and mounts on a 5-gallon bucket.

If you have a senior or mobility challenged pup, this trailer is great. I like the fact that it collapses so easily. Adjustable internal leash to prevent pets from leaping out, ample air ventilation for their comfort, and comes with an included safety flag.

A fantastic product for eliminating pet and people stains. It is made in Texas by a small family-owned company. I can speak with experience in saying that is awesome for getting out blood, urine and even making funky shoes smell better.
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